Updates on Great Park Forensic Audit MIA

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By Dan Chmielewski

Balloon Ride at The Great Park Irvine

Balloon Ride at The Great Park Irvine

The forensic audit of the Great Park in Irvine has been underway since mid-June and is scheduled for completion by October 16, 2013 according to the contract between the City of Irvine and HSNO of Costa Mesa with the auditor promising to provide updates when the project was 25 percent completed, 50 percent completed and 75 percent completed. But the City of Irvine tells TheLiberalOC that no such update reports exist.

The contract language is pretty clear: “The Contractor shall provide the City with Stated Reports upon completion of 25%, 50%, and 75% of the services, and upon approval of the City, Contractor shall submit invoices for the associated work. Upon completion of the services, Contractor shall provide City with a comprehensive final report prior to submitting an invoice for the final 25% of the contract amount.”

Since no such reports have been submitted, we can surmise a couple of things. The audit hasn’t reached the 25% stage or the auditors haven’t submitted any reports (or invoices) that anyone is aware of. Now if the auditor hasn’t completed 25% of the work and the completion date was to be mid-October, this …read more

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