The Eli Home Responds to Cynthia Ward

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By Dan Chmielewski

The Eli Home is a critical tool in the fight to protect children from broken homes and abuse. The Galloway family has been closely associated with it for years. As Eli Home head and former Council member Lorri Galloway launches a bid for Anaheim Mayor, it’s prompted her political enemies to make a variety of claims against her and those who run the Eli Home.

OJ Blogger Cynthia Ward has come out with guns ablazing and it’s prompted the Board of Directors of the Eli Home to respond to Ward with the following statement:

“Ms. Ward’s assumption that Kim and Robin Tulleners have personally benefitted from an Eli property transfer is far from the truth. She does not comprehend the depth of commitment to Eli’s mission from its board, staff, and supporters. Without receiving a dime, the Tulleners served as guarantors, so that Eli could refinance its mortgages to lower interest rates. The Board of Directors was in full control of the transaction and stipulated that the charity must retain ownership of the properties.

The Tulleners have not only tied up their personal credit to guarantee Eli’s shelter mortgages; they have donated money, labor and talents to spearhead programs …read more

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