Tait-Kring-Galloway Three Way Race the One to Watch

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By Dan Chmielewski


Officially, there’s a four way race in Anaheim for Mayor but the reality is it’s a three-way between Mayor Tom Tait, councilmember Lucille Kring and former Mayor Pro Tem Lorri Galloway that is creating a fascinating dynamic.

Republicans have had a stranglehold on Anaheim City Hall for years in spite of Democrats having a voter registration edge. Democratic councilmember Jordan Brandman was the top vote getting in the city’s elections a year ago and districting is bound to bring new Democrats to the Dias. Before Brandman, Galloway was the top vote getting in 2004 and 2008. The hard part is getting that second or third Democrat elected.

Kring’s announcement this week, at Angels Stadium, that’s she’s running for Mayor – showed surprising firepower for her candidacy and much of it from the crowd that backed Tait three years ago. Kring’s announcement drew supporters from fellow council member Kris Murray, Anaheim Chamber of Commerce president Todd Ament, several member of Anaheim’s police and firefighter associations, who endorsed Tom Tait for mayor in 2010.

Now as far as candidates go, Kring comes with considerable baggage. Politically speaking, she’s weak. Kring’s has flipped on every major issue she ran on …read more

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