Santa Ana PD on Janet Nguyen-ParadeGate: Nothing to See Here

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By Dan Chmielewski

Supervisor Janet Nguyen

Supervisor Janet Nguyen

After OC Weekly’s Matt Coker posted this story based on a blog post in NewSantaAna about OC Supervisor Janet Nguyen placing her toddler son at risk in last Sunday’s Fiestas Patrias Parade in downtown Santa Ana. Coker, channeling blogger and Nguyen-critic Art Pedroza, writes:

The supervisor, who is a candidate for the state Senate in 2014, is seen riding not in a seat but atop the folded-down canvas car roof between the top of the backseats and the trunk (or engine compartment if new VW’s are like the old Bugs).

In Nguyen’s lap: her child, who does not appear to be belted into anything and is most certainly not in a law-required car seat.

Coker should know better to use Pedroza as a resource; research isn’t Pedroza’s strong suit.

So we contacted the Santa Ana Police Department to ask if Nguyen did in fact break the law or in their opinion, placed her kid at risk. The Santa Ana PD’s response, after they finished laughing about it, was no and no.

According to SAPD sources, “The street was closed by the City for the parade pursuant to the authority found in Vehicle Code section 21101(e). As a result, the …read more

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