Remember that Angels Economic Impact Study? It’s not as good as it looked!

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Anaheim Stadium Entrance

Anaheim Stadium Entrance

A few months ago, to great fanfare and little public notice the City of Anaheim released, as part of the supporting documentations for the much criticized “Negotiations Framework” MOU between the Angels and Anaheim, an economic impact study prepared by Texas-based Conventions, Sports & Leisure. The purpose was to explain the tremendous economic benefits to the City of Anaheim from hosting the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. In an article first published on Friday, the Orange County Register’s Martin Wisckol shines a bright interrogation light on the veracity of the CSL study. The caption on the lead photo tees off the premise of his story. “The city of Anaheim on average has lost money on a year-to-year basis from Angel Stadium under its contract with the team over the past 16 years, city figures show.”

From the story lede:

A report to the city of Anaheim on the economic effects of Angels baseball at the “Big A” is so replete with unsubstantiated assumptions that it can’t be used as a reliable indicator of the team’s financial impact on the city, interviews and public records show.


One sports economist dismissed the entire city-funded report, …read more

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