New California Online Disclosure Law to Impact OC Blogsphere

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By Dan Chmielewski


Orange County has a very healthy range of political blogs to choose from. The dirty little secret, is that many of the bloggers at the better known sites are also paid political consultants. Some disclose their conflict. Others do not. But even the ones that don’t, it’s an open secret that their “opinions” are bought and paid for.

A new law is about to make non-disclosure about blog posts, comments and debate a tad more interesting in the OC blogsphere.

According to a story in the LA Times, “Campaigns will now have to report when they pay people to post praise or criticism of candidates and ballot measures on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other websites.

“The public is entitled to know who is paying for campaigns and campaign opinions,” so voters can better evaluate what they see on blogs and elsewhere online, said Ann Ravel, who chairs the California Fair Political Practices Commission.

Open-government groups endorsed the new rules, which govern “favorable or unfavorable” content — although much of the time that information may come weeks or even months after publication. Bloggers and some others say the rules infringe on free speech.

The regulations require disclosure by campaigns that …read more

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