Hugh Hewitt is a Finalist for the Irvine School Board

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By Dan Chmielewski

Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt

The Cowardly Lion himself is a finalist for the Irvine Unified School Board seat being vacated by Gavin Huntley-Fenner. Radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt has made the final cut of about a dozen candidates and is being invited back for a final round of interviews by the Irvine School Board.

How Hewitt will juggle his nationally syndicated radio show, which aired from 3-6 PM on the West Coast, with his law practice and teaching responsibilities at Chapman University and even attempt to be non-partisan as this board is remains to be seen. But long time Irvine school watchers will note this isn’t Hewitt’s first go-round at the Rodeo. He tried, unsuccessfully, to be appointed by in 2006 after then Trustee Steve Choi was elected to the City Council and the remaining two years of Choi’s school board term were filled by the appointment of Huntley-Fenner.

The other finalists are Cyril Yu, Betty Carroll, and Ira Glasky.

Hewitt, best known for a series of books that wind up on the remainder rack at Barnes & Noble (“A Mormon in the White House,” about Mitt Romney published in 2008, comes to mind), gets so much basic stuff wrong it’s …read more

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