Harkey’s Politically Motivated Lawsuit Weak on Several Fronts

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By Dan Chmielewski

Assenblywoman Diane Harkey (R)

Assenblywoman Diane Harkey (R)

Republican State Rep. Diane Harkey of Dana Point, who is a candidate for the Board of Equalization, has filed a lawsuit against a fellow Republican, State Senator Mark Wyland of San Diego who is a candidate for the same BoE seat, for $10 million alleging that Wyland defamed her by making statements about the legal and financial woes of her husband Dan. Wyland is no prize either but Harkey has a track record of whining about lawyers and calling for tort reform.

So Harkey is seeking millions in damages for the defamation. An item was posted this item on the Flash Report in the wee small hours of this morning and it’s a great read:

Are there bounds of decency in which campaigns should be run? I think so.

Before joining the Assembly, I built a very successful 30-year career in finance. My husband of 30 years, Dan, also built his businesses, but did so independent of my career interests.

When the real estate downturn came, one of Dan’s investment firms took a hit. Many investors, who were forewarned about the risks of investing, saw their portfolios shrink as a result of the economic …read more

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