Galloway sends Tait a Note of Apology (But Stays in the Race)

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By Dan Chmielewski

Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Lori Galloway (Photo: Chris Prevatt)

Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Lori Galloway (Photo: Chris Prevatt)

Hot off the press, a note from Team Galloway.

Dear Friends and Family:

My campaign for Anaheim Mayor 2014 has been in the news lately. After a PBS story aired last night, I am heartsick because I have allowed negativity to be the focus, which is something that I abhor, and I have often been on the receiving end of it Truthfully, I am honored to be in a country where someone like me has the opportunity and freedom to run for such an office. My faith in God tells me that the blessing will be in the journey, not in the victory or defeat. I just sent this apology to the Mayor of Anaheim, Tom Tait.

Dear Tom:

With all of my heart, I sincerely apologize. This has spiraled into something that is negative and was never my intent. What has been said by me is hurtful and not the message I wanted to get across.

The worst thing about any of this is that I know I’ve lost your friendship and my heart is broken over that. The truth is that I do believe you have made …read more

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