David Schweikert is hoping nobody beside him reads this

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By Steve Muratore

Remember the other day when I told you about Arizona’s own “Mr. Transparency?” That would be Congressman David Schweikert.

His record of advocating for transparency in government — by everyone except himself — is clear.

I first posted about this particular problem ten days ago.

Briefly, here’s the scoop. David campaigned in 2010 — boasting of his financial prowess — that he had managed taxpayer money as Maricopa County Treasurer (elected in 2004) to make hundreds of millions of dollars in volatile bond markets.

Cut to October 2013. The Congress, failing to pass a budget, or even a Continuing Resolution, shut down the federal government on the first of the month. The entire world (notably, governments and financial markets) knew that the US Treasury would hit a debt ceiling on October 17.

Well, the man who represents the Congressional district I live in vigorously advocated, besides saying how much fun he was having by shutting down the federal government, repeatedly claimed the debt ceiling crisis was just a hoax.

But “default,” to Schweikert, means that
the U.S does not pay interest on its debt. Schweikert said the
government will still be able to pay the interest on its debt, even …read more

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