Arte’s Angle in Anaheim

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By Dan Chmielewski


I’ve seen my share of typos regarding the Los Angeles “Angles” of Anaheim online and on Facebook that my choice of words in the headline is deliberate. As a baseball fan, I think we all need to take a breath here for a minute on the negotiations between the city of Anaheim and the Angels. Now exhale.

First off, the only reason that particular part of Anaheim (where the stadium is off the 57 freeway) is valuable (among the most valuable land in the County if not the nation…please) is because of a certain tenant, namely the Angels. Should they move, the value of that land simply drops. And with it, that valuable real estate becomes a big empty parking lot for most of the year. The Forum in Inglewood was valuable real estate too until the Lakers and Kings left. When was the last time you were there? And Staples is such a nice facility.

By giving Angels owner Arte Moreno the rights to the land surrounding Anaheim Stadium, the city council has effectively given him his new stadium location from which a new stadium can replace the aging Angels Stadium, relieve Anaheim of …read more


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