An Open Letter to Cassidy Lynn Campbell

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By Dan Chmielewski


It’s hard to find heroes today. You made it easy to do so. And yes, you are most certainly a hero.

Few people choose to take a stand and often lack the courage of conviction to move forward. You made history in one of the most conservative areas of the country when your friends and classmates at Marina High School crowned you their Homecoming Queen. You deserve every smile, every cheer and every high five you can get. So many of us are so proud of you and what you accomplished. And we’re proud of your classmates for voting for you. It shows great promise for the next generation of this country.

While I was preparing to draft a post on your historical achievement, I discovered your YouTube post where the Internet trolls did their best to ruin your moment and hurt your feelings. It was devastating to watch. And it changed the post I was going to write.

Anonymous Internet trolls are a cowardly lot. They post mean, sick and twisted things designed to hurt their targets. These are the sort of people who delight in pulling wings off flies, stealing …read more

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